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Electric Power Internet of Things

Part I: Distribution Station Operation & Maintenance Platform

Based on the core technical capabilities of the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc., various sensors are used to collect key power consumption and equipment operation data of the enterprise. From the perspective of enterprise safety and energy saving, in-depth collection of power consumption data for the entire line of the substation and distribution room is provided Services such as condition monitoring, fault alarm, and abnormal early warning, realize the "unattended and few people on duty" in the power distribution room. The life cycle management of electrical equipment of construction enterprises provides one item, one code management method, comprehensive control of equipment health index, establishment of detailed asset records, maintenance records, maintenance records, life cycle, operating status and data management. The intelligent operation and maintenance center is deeply integrated with online monitoring and power equipment management to manage the entire process of operation and maintenance.

Part II: Intelligent Power Safety Management System

Intelligent power safety management system, through the Internet of Things technology to prevent the main factors of electrical fire (such as abnormal cable temperature, overload, short circuit, grounding, three-phase unbalance, overvoltage, poor contact and leakage current limit, etc.) Intermittent data tracking and statistical analysis, and timely push all kinds of hidden danger information to the operation and maintenance personnel to achieve the purpose of eliminating potential electrical fire hazards and achieving "preventing troubles before they happen".

Part III: Enterprise Smart Energy Management and Control Platform

Real-time collection and comprehensive remote monitoring of energy data such as water, electricity, gas, and heat through advanced Internet of Things technology to help large industrial enterprises, universities, hotels, and other customers grasp the consumption of energy in different areas and different categories in real time A professional and scientific energy optimization program improves the stability and economy of equipment, and helps users achieve the goals of energy saving, safe operation, and refined management. Realize the complete functions of equipment data collection and monitoring, energy consumption analysis, optimized scheduling, and basic energy management. It can be accessed and viewed through a computer or mobile phone APP to obtain the current power system operation data and equipment operation status information, and can also actively push the alarm information to the operator's mobile phone.


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