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Renovation of the company's paint automatic coating production line

The technical transformation project of the company's Distribution Transformer oil tank automatic coating production line has been in normal operation in March after more than two months of installation and commissioning after entering the site for construction in January.
As early as 2002, the company invested 20 million yuan to establish the first transformer oil tank automatic coating production line in the domestic transformer industry, which played an important role in improving the quality of transformer products. After 17 years of uninterrupted operation, the equipment is relatively old, the electrical aging and the wear of the transmission part are serious, the automatic door failure and the sealing performance of the powder spraying room have declined to varying degrees, resulting in dust leakage and heat loss. According to the requirements put forward by Chairman Xiang to grasp the "three improvements and three links" and the "four innovation drivers", in order to improve the company's intelligent manufacturing level, eliminate backward production capacity and improve the working environment of employees, Further improve labor productivity. In July this year, the company invested 1.35 million yuan to technically reform the powder coating solidification section of the coating line.
In order to achieve the effect of energy saving, environmental protection and product quality optimization, the company's leaders and the equipment logistics department and the equipment manufacturer have repeatedly demonstrated and determined the most optimized plan for equipment technological transformation. One is the use of a two-stage powder recovery device to effectively control the leakage of powder, improve the working environment, and ensure the physical and mental health of employees; the second is to use an arch-type drying tunnel. Compared with the parallel-opening drying tunnel, this design uses the principle of heat increase The opening and closing mechanism is set to effectively reduce the heat leakage point. After being put into production, through optimizing production scheduling and processes, it can work uninterruptedly after starting up until the completion of the work task, effectively reducing energy consumption. According to statistics, over two months of operation, natural gas consumption has been reduced by about 30%. At the same time, due to simplified equipment structure and simplified operation control, the equipment failure rate is reduced. The third is to add two sets of powder spraying room, which increases the production capacity and enriches the product color types to meet the needs of different users.


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