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HomeNewsQRE passed the on-site assessment of Hangzhou Municipal Government Quality Award

QRE passed the on-site assessment of Hangzhou Municipal Government Quality Award

From September 17th to 19th, the Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government Quality Awards Evaluation Committee appointed 4 experts from the third-party assessment organization to conduct a 3-day on-site review of our company's application for the Hangzhou Municipal Government Quality Awards. The on-site review activities were highly valued by the group leaders, and they also received the full support and cooperation of the leaders of the branches (subsidiaries) and relevant functional departments, and the review work progressed smoothly.
On the morning of the 17th, the first meeting of the review was held in the conference room on the second floor of the new factory. Four experts from the review team, group leaders Xiang Zhongxiao, Xiang Yong, Gu Shengjian, Wang Jianli, Xiang Lingyi, Gu Shenggen, Liu Jun, Jiang Rongli, Li Lijun, Wang Yu, etc., the heads of each branch (subsidiary) company and functional departments attended the meeting .
At the meeting, the leader of the review expert group introduced the purpose, significance, basis and standards of the on-site review, the review process, and related review schedules. Chairman Xiang Zhongxiao first addressed the Hangzhou Municipal Government Quality Award on-site review team experts. Welcome to Qianjiang Electric for on-site review. He said that the Municipal Government Quality Award is the highest quality award honor established by the Hangzhou Municipal Government. The municipal government proposes that enterprises should develop in the direction of high quality and high quality. This review is a test of our quality work and will help us improve We hope that all departments will cooperate actively to ensure the smooth progress of the review. President Xiang Yong reported to the review team the basic situation of the enterprise and the results achieved after implementing the high performance model.
The on-site assessment was in accordance with the requirements of the "Hangzhou Municipal Government Quality Award Evaluation Management Measures" and GB / T19580-2012 "Outstanding Performance Evaluation Guidelines" and GB / Z19579-2012 "Outstanding Performance Evaluation Guidelines Implementation Guide" requirements. The on-site review was implemented on the basis of the review and evaluation of the [Government Quality Award" [Application Materials". According to the arrangement of the review plan, the review team communicated with the company's senior leaders; in each company's functional departments, subsidiaries and manufacturing departments, they listened to introductions, asked questions and exchanges, consulted relevant documents and materials, checked the scene, held management and front-line employee forums. And other forms of review.
The experts of the review team conducted an objective and fair review of our company's high performance management site in 3 days. The review team conducted a collective review of the review results and reached consensus. The review team also communicated with the company's senior leaders on the review results, put forward their opinions and suggestions, and the two sides reached a consensus.
At the last meeting, Qian Zhiying, the leader of the review team, made an on-site review report, introduced the overview of the on-site review, fully affirmed the various work of Qianjiang Electric, and summarized the six outstanding strengths and effects of Qianjiang Electric in the report: It is to promote the construction of corporate culture, adhere to the main business and guide the healthy development of the company; the second is to focus on the core technology research of transformers and the development of new products, to maintain technological leadership and achieve results; the third is to provide customers with "one-stop" services to meet and exceed customer needs The fourth is to actively create an innovation and learning environment to realize the common development of employees and enterprises; the fifth is to attach importance to the upgrading and transformation of core equipment to promote process improvement to achieve quality and efficiency; the sixth is to attach importance to process management and improve product quality. At the same time, suggestions were made for the company to further improve the company's strategic management and customer satisfaction measurement.
Chairman Xiang Zhongxiao and President Xiang Yong made speeches and expressed heartfelt thanks to the experts of the review team for their hard work over the past three days, and asked all branches (subsidiaries) and functional departments to implement and improve the comments and suggestions put forward by the experts of the review team; Keeping pace with the times, constantly meeting user needs, the management system must be continuously improved and effectively operated; this review should be used to effectively improve existing problems, continuously improve the company's quality management level, and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness.


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